10 + 1 landscapes

Jun-Jul 2011

(3 pics.)




'10 + 1 landscapes' was created for 'Genthof 2011 – Suspicious Landscapes', an exhibition in the town centre of Bruges, organized by the galleries Pinsart and 44 Gallery, which are situated in Genthof.
The work consists of two objects. One is a canvas on which successively ten different landscapes were painted on top of each other. The tenth landscape was painted over with a layer of high gloss enamel that encapsulates the whole. The (recognizable) image is completely covered. The genesis of the work is now only visible through the relief of the underlying coats of paint. This way, together with the final layer of enamel, an eleventh landscape comes into existence.
Each time a landscape was finished, the canvas was photographed. The ten pictures are enclosed in the second object: a wooden box, painted in the same high gloss enamel as the canvas. They function as a relic of what was once visible.

technique: oil/canvas, wood, 10 fotographs, velvet, high gloss enamel
dimensions: 40 x 60 cm (painting), 13 x 30,9 x 22,4 cm (box)