Grotto - cc De Spil Roeselare

Feb. 3 - Mar. 2 2013
(2 movs. - 6 pics.)


Art critic Johan Debruyne wrote an article about Grotto (Dutch)

Grotto mentioned in editorial in art magazine H ART #107 (Dutch)

Grotto news item on WTV-Focus (Feb. 6 2013)



Grotto is an intervention in and a commentary on the exhibition area of cultural centre De Spil in Roeselare, Belgium. The project was part of ‘Virus’, the annual cross-overfestival in De Spil.

For his project ‘Grotto’, Johan Lingier departs from the somewhat strange architecture and setting of the exhibition area, “a spare space as it were, an architectural residue in the building”, the 'negative' of the theatre above. He sees the room as a cave, a space left open in the ‘rock’ of the cultural centre. Stalactites shaped like hanging plinths become the bearers of images from the theatre upstairs and the sound as well, though barely audible, filters through. Grotto is a mix of spatial installation, image and sound that leads the visitor into a strange universe.

Grotto was a co-production between Johan Lingier and cc De Spil in collaboration with Gallery Pinsart Bruges

Video registration of the installation

Animation of the 3D-model

In the course of preparing the Grotto installation a 3D-model was made of the exhibition space. This enabled me to position the 'stalactites' exactly before the actual production started. Here's a short animation of the model.

Some installation views

Grotto - installation view

Grotto - installation view

Grotto - installation view

Grotto - installation view

Grotto - installation view