Fragmented images

Jan - Apr 09
(7 pic.)




'Fragmented images' is an installation consisting of 140 oil paintings on cardboard squares (20x20 cm). The work is based on a photograph that was cut into small pieces of 2x2 cm.  The pieces were used in random order to paint the cardboard squares. Due to the small size of the pieces and the lack of reference to the whole of the initial picture, the paintings become autonomous images. The act of painting is now more important than the representation of 'reality'. The original image is dismantled and loses its representational power - if it ever had any!
The fragmentation, caused by the random painting procedure, is driven to its limits in the way the squares are presented. A computer was used to spread the 140 fragments over the gallery walls. Except for the choice of the walls, no human decision interfered in the installation of the fragments.
Even when some fragments were brought together in a later stage of the exhibition, the image stayed fragmented due to the differences in colour and composition of the individual squares. So this intervention did not bring any coherence. It shows how the painted image is always an interpretation of the source image.

Installation views